The trucking industry is an essential part of the community and continues to grow every year. They pick up and deliver goods and materials to retail locations, manufacturing facilities and distribution hubs. Sometimes conditions are difficult because of the long hours on the road so this job isn’t for everyone. One of the biggest concerns about becoming a truck driver is the question of whether or not it’s possible to have a family while working in the trucking industry. It takes a real pro to work in this industry while balancing a personal life. Learn more about it below.

The Trucker Schedule 

An average person’s schedule is a 9 hour block of time with 8 hours of work and a one hour break for lunch. Hours can vary from job to job, but it’s much different than the time when everyone was home for dinner. However, truck drivers aren’t even in the average schedule. Truck drivers have a unique circumstance and within that profession, they have never really carried a day-to-day schedule.

People who work in the trucking industry can expect to work 11-14 hour days with small breaks throughout the day. Many truckers also stay on the road for weeks at a time. Since many truckers don’t go home daily, their time at home is measured on days and weeks at a time instead of nighttime and weekends, typically getting one or more weeks off at a time.

How the Trucking Profession Impact Family Members

It’s no secret that the trucker’s schedule is challenging on the work, but it also has a huge impact on the family members as well. For married couples, the strain of the distance can be extremely challenging. The spouse is left at home taking care of all the domestic responsibilities including paying bills and maintaining the house. When there are children involved, things can get even trickier. The parent on the road gets little time to see their children and the parent who stays home lives like a single parent. Children from infancy through early school years are often dependent on the parent not on the road so the parent at home may choose to not work and dedicate themselves solely to the children and home. This puts a strain on both parents and even the children in the home.

Being Home When You’re Home

This may seem odd, but people who have loved ones that spend a lot of time away from home from work know what it means to be truly present. Drivers and anyone who travels frequently for work, spend such long blocks of time at once working that it can be very difficult making the transition into personal time. When the trucker parent is at home, they may feel stretched thin. This is the time they need to rest and relax, but at the same time, they must also catch up with their loved ones and help around the house.

Developing a schedule is the best way to manage home life. This can give the trucker time to decompress while also working toward devoting themselves to their family while they’re at home. Truck driving is a hard life, but we appreciate all the sacrifice and tough work every driver puts in. They truly drive the economy.