Truck driving in Colorado can be difficult, the weather can change at the blink of an eye, there’s bumper to bumper traffic and road closures come up more often than not. But, with technology, truck driver jobs are easier and safer than ever before. THC Global invests in the technology and equipment that gives our drivers the tools they need to succeed. Here are some ways technology can improve your day to day activities as a truck driver.

Truck Drivers and Technology

Smart Phones and Tablets

Before 3G and 4G, truck drivers weren’t connected like they are today. The age of CB radios is drifting away and the age of mobile technology is on the rise. For over the road truck drivers, knowing road conditions is crucial to getting the job done. Before mobile technology a CDL trucker would have to listen to the radio for road updates and weather conditions. Now truck drivers can get information on traffic, weather, routing, fuel prices and anything else they may need to know at the touch of a button.

Helpful Apps for Truckers

Mobile technology has become a crucial part of truck drivers lives and there are many apps that give them the tools to help reduce costs, improve quality of life and increase safety.  Here are some of the top apps for truck drivers:

  • Trucker Tools – Provides many features to simplify your life on the road such as an accurate list of truck stops with real-time fuel prices, location of the nearest rest stops, weigh scale information, routing with fuel optimization and load tracking.
  • FatSecret Calorie Counter – Eating healthy behind the wheel is difficult. Truck drivers work long hours and time is limited. This app helps combat unhealthy food choices by providing nutritional information for food found at road-side restaurants, lets you scan barcodes on packaged foods, and count daily calories, fat and carbs.
  • FleetSafe Mobile – Let’s face it reading and writing texts is dangerous while driving any vehicle. The FleetSafe Mobile app eliminates the temptation to text, email, browse the web, or answer calls. This app locks your phone while driving to ensure your full attention will be on the road. It also sends auto-reply messages for emails and texts.
  • Skype – Cellular contracts and data overage are costly. There are many places that truckers frequent with free wifi. With this app, you can make calls to family, friends or colleagues for free as long as you are connected to the internet.

Electric Logbooks, GPS Units, and Fleet Monitoring

Electronic logbooks and GPS units are inside most trucks and soon maybe required by law. They allow truck companies to monitor GPS locations of their entire fleet and keep an accurate log of hours for their drivers. Before Electronic logbooks, logbook manipulation was a problem because drivers would drive over their daily limit and this would often result in the DOT getting involved. Fleet managers are also able to monitor driving habits, throttle position and fuel consumption with sensors in the trucks. These technologies help THC Global and other companies have less problems with the DOT and more time to get the job done.

If you’re looking for a truck driving job in Colorado, it is important that you start a career with a company that invests in the best trucking technology to give you the tools you need to succeed. At THC, we have won many awards for our technology-based production. To start your career with THC, contact us here or call us at 303-659-6631.