Whether you’re a truck driver in Colorado or if you’re just passing through, you’ll need to stop and fuel your bodies as well as your vehicle. There are great places to eat or get a quick snack throughout each town, but getting that fuel in may be more difficult if you don’t know the roads as well as the locals. The best way to find out the hot spots you should go to is right here. THC Global Inc. has scoured the Internet for reviews and found the best truck stops for your journey through Colorado.

Top 5 Truck Stops in Colorado

  1. Stubbs Gas and Oil – Located on I-76 at exit 66a in Wiggins, Colorado, Stubbs Gas and Oil gives you everything you need from entertainment to trailer drops. This stop is perfect for overnight parking for the longer trips and has repair services close by.
  2. Pilot Truck Stop – Right off of I-70 at Steele, Pilot is stocked with greatness. The store is well-stocked and includes a Wendy’s and game room. There are private showers as well as laundry services for those who are on the road for days at a time. This Pilot Travel Center also has overnight parking for truckers that need a little rest.
  3. Commerce City Travel Center – Right off I-70 exit 278 or 277, Commerce City Travel Center has everything a truck driver needs including 24-hour road service. This facility comes complete with a trucker’s lounge as well as overnight parking and repair services. For those who are hungry, there is a wide variety of options to choose from including Country Pride Restaurant, Pizza Hut, Quizno’s and Popeye’s. Stop in for a quick meal or a nights sleep.
  4. Downieville Fuel Stop – Located off I-70 at exit 234, Downieville Fuel Stop is the perfect place for get in, get out fuel. Although it may not seem as luxurious as other stops, it has everything you need including a trucker’s lounge and showers. This is just the stop you need when you’re ready stay moving on the road.
  5. Montrose Truck Stop – Found on US50 in Montrose, Colorado, Montrose Truck Stop is a stop to stay the night. With a restaurant open 24 hours a day, free Wi-Fi and private showers, your overnight stay will be extremely comfortable. Complete with a trucker’s lounge, TV lounge and game room, you won’t be in too much of a hurry to get back on the road.

It’s not only important to take care of your truck while you’re on the road, but it’s also important to take care of yourself. Finding a comfortable rest area will ensure that your time on the road will be more pleasing and relaxing for each stop you need to take.