Top 5 Truck Stops in Colorado

Whether you’re a truck driver in Colorado or if you’re just passing through, you’ll need to stop and fuel your bodies as well as your vehicle. There are great places to eat or get a quick snack throughout each town, but getting that fuel in may be more difficult if you don’t know the roads as well as the locals. The best way to find out the hot spots you should go to is right here. THC Global Inc. has scoured the Internet for reviews and found the best truck stops for your journey through Colorado. Top 5 Truck Stops in Colorado Stubbs Gas and Oil – Located on I-76 at exit 66a in Wiggins, Colorado, Stubbs Gas and Oil gives you everything you need from entertainment to trailer drops. This stop is perfect for overnight parking for the longer trips and has repair services close by. Pilot Truck Stop […]

Should You Lease a Truck?

Being a truck driver and working for a good company is the first step to a successful career, but what if you want more. Thousands of drivers want to experience more and they do this through being in business for themselves. However, in some cases being an owner-operator may be more difficult for some drivers. Because some drivers lack the financial stability, many trucking companies have put together lease purchases, lease options, and drive-to-own opportunities. This gives drivers the opportunity to pursue their dreams through more traditional financing sources. But the question is raised, does leasing a truck from a carrier make financial sense for the driver or should you avoid them all together? Unfortunately there isn’t one simple answer; it all depends on individual circumstances. When looking at your options, consider the following information to decide what is right for you. Carrier Perspective Leasing a truck makes sense to […]

Dehydration on the Road

Keeping hydrated on the road is extremely vital. If you don’t, it could end in serious consequences. Read here how you can avoid dehydration and what it can do to you.

Truck Driver E-Log Mandate Advances

A final rule to mandate the use of electronic logging devices has been sent from the DOT to the White House’s Office of Management and Budget (OMB) for the final approval and is set to be published on September 30th. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) sent the e-log rule to the OMB on July 30th, along with a Final Rule. The Final Rule implements stiffer penalties for carriers, shippers, brokers and others who pressure drivers to not abide by federal safety standards such as hours of service limits. The rule will go into effect two years after the publication in the Federal Register. It will require all truck drivers to keep records of duty status by using an electronic logging device. The FMCSA included in the proposed version of the rule several provisions to mitigate the devices potential to be used by carriers to harass drivers. However, the […]

Drowsy Driving: Danger While You Sleep

At THC Global Inc, we make sure our drivers stay safe on the road, no matter the time of day. That means getting a full rest and staying alert. Learn why drowsy driving is just as dangerous as drunk driving.

Being a Respectable Drive Manager

Before we begin learning about drive managers, it’s important to distinguish the difference between a dispatcher and a driver manager. A dispatcher’s job is mainly clerical – answering phones and responding to mobile communication messages and emails. They keep the data in the system accurately and they communicate with the team frequently. On the other hand, a driver manager manages people. It is a shift from “what’s your truck number?” to “who are you as the driver?” The data is important, but it is only part of managing the people who move freight day in and day out. Building relationships is key to being a good driver manager. The following are some ways to build strong relationships with your drivers and your whole team. Earn Driver’s Respect  By showing honesty and integrity, you will be respectable as a drive manager. A driver manager needs to tell it like it is […]

The Health Risks of Truck Driving

When you think about truck driving, you think about the open road and not the health risks that may happen. Learn about the health risks of truck driving today and avoid an unhealthy lifestyle tomorrow.

THC Global Inc. Is Hiring Truck Drivers!

Attention truck drivers in Colorado! THC Global Inc. is looking for highly motivated company drivers and owner operators. Our company drivers have dedicated lanes that get you out and back in no time! We treat our company drivers like family and even though we’re a small company, we have big benefits. When you are a fleet driver for THC Global, you’ll move your career forward with some of the best, updated equipment! To top it off, with our dedicated routes, you’ll get to know your lanes and your clients, while earning competitive pay. Already own a truck or fleet of trucks? No problem! Being an owner operator with THC Global is the perfect way to build your business. We’ll give you the freight base you need to be successful. We focus on certain lanes to get you out on familiar routes and back home as soon as possible. No matter […]

Truck Driver Blind Spots

Truck drivers shouldn’t be the only ones working to keep the roads safe. Unfortunately, there are a lot of cars that don’t know how to keep semi-trucks safe as well as themselves. THC Global wants you to keep safe on the roads and know the blind spots. Stay safe out there.