Who is the Average Truck Driver

We’ve broken down the stats of an average truck driver, but we don’t want just average. Come start you new year off with a new career at THC Global Inc.!

New Year, New Career

With the new year just around the corner, it’s time to start setting goals that actually mean something. Now is the perfect time to start looking at your future career as a truck driver. Becoming a truck driver is a big decision and shouldn’t be taken lightly. However, it could be the best decision you make. Being a truck driver gives you the chance to have a career that is steady and reliable. Truck driving positions are continuously growing throughout the states and with that comes more opportunity. Joining our THC Global team comes with great benefits. We have dedicated routes which means you’ll get more at home time than the average truck driver. We also have the best technology and training available to improve the way you work! As a truck driver you’ll be part of one the nation’s most important industries. Truck driving is an essential part of […]

How the Economy Affects Truck Driving

According to the American Trucking Association, trucks moves more than 70% of goods. However, despite the growth of the economy in the past few years, the slowing of the economy in 2008 cut into the trucking industry. Higher fuel costs and stiffer competition make it harder for trucking companies to stay in business and for truckers to make a living. Competition With hiring slowdowns and a high unemployment rate, more people drive trucks for a living. If shipping stays static or slows down, this brings greater competition for loads. Increased competition can drive down hauling costs because truckers and companies have to bid a lower price to get the load. An influx of new drivers also results in more stringent regulations to remove incompetent drivers or unsafe trucks from the road. Most truckers are independent contractors in competition with other drivers in the same company. Fuel Costs Other than the […]

7 Truck Driver Irritations Infographic

Being on the road for days and weeks at a time can be frustrating for most people. However, as a truck driver, you need to stay on your game on not get irritated at everything that happens. But we’re all human. Here are 7 truck driver irritations that we all could do without.

A Special Thanks to Truck Drivers During Thanksgiving

No matter what freeway you get on, you’ll always find yourself in the presence of semi-truck. Truck drivers can be men or women, young or old, independent drivers or company drivers and more. No matter who the driver, they take a lot out of their lives to get you the goods you need. With the help of television and movies, you may think you have an understanding of what the truck driver life entails. However, the only people that really know about it are the people out on the road. Trucking is the backbone of the economy all across the nation and the men and women that drive these vehicles could easily be considered American icons. Truck drivers have a wide range of duties and responsibilities such as driving for extended periods of time, logging hours and destinations in their logbooks, load and unload their own trucks, keep track and […]

10 Tips to Help Truck Drivers Stay Awake Longer

As a truck driver, you spend a lot of time on the road. You work long days and have erratic sleep schedules. Most truck drivers are also getting paid by how much work you get done, whether it be by the mile, by the hour, or even a percentage of what the load pays. So, staying awake and alert for long periods of time is critical if you want to be a safe, productive driver. Here are some things you can do to stay awake and alert for longer periods of time. 10 Tips to Help Truck Drivers Stay Awake Longer Don’t allow yourself to get exhausted. If you push yourself while you’re already tired, you know you’re doing something extremely dangerous. You need sleep. When you start feeling tired, try to squeeze in a quick nap or go to bed early for the night. The more exhausted you are […]

Truck Driving: Balancing Life and Work

The trucking industry is an essential part of the community and continues to grow every year. They pick up and deliver goods and materials to retail locations, manufacturing facilities and distribution hubs. Sometimes conditions are difficult because of the long hours on the road so this job isn’t for everyone. One of the biggest concerns about becoming a truck driver is the question of whether or not it’s possible to have a family while working in the trucking industry. It takes a real pro to work in this industry while balancing a personal life. Learn more about it below. The Trucker Schedule  An average person’s schedule is a 9 hour block of time with 8 hours of work and a one hour break for lunch. Hours can vary from job to job, but it’s much different than the time when everyone was home for dinner. However, truck drivers aren’t even […]

Keeping Safe in Work Zones

Keeping safe on the road should be every truck drivers number one priority. Read below to see how you can keep safe in work zones.

Happy National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

This week is National Truck Driver Appreciation Week! It’s the one part of the year that is nationally recognized for taking time to honor all the professional truck drivers that are responsible for providing our country with the most exceptional role in our lives. We all eat, buy clothes and purchase electronics, but do you know why we’re able to do all of that? Because it traveled on a truck, right to a vendor near you. Trucks are the backbone of our economy. There are 3.5 million people in the U.S. that drive professionally so they can ensure that all our products get delivered securely and on time. Americans rarely stop and think about how vital truck drivers are when it comes to growth in the global economy. Here at THC, we value the men and women who safely deliver our nations goods and keep America moving forward and we […]