Being on the road as a truck driver in Colorado isn’t the easiest thing. There can be road rage drivers, construction, and road closures all around that can detour your trip dramatically. Despite the derail of time, try to keep yourself calm so you don’t find yourself developing road rage yourself. At THC Global, we believe safety is the most important part about being a truck driver. Below is a few of the other inconveniences we should avoid getting frustrated about while on the road.

 Truck Driver Irritations

  1. When drivers don’t use a blinker.

    Signaling your intentions is one of the most basic acts of courtesy on the road. We can’t predict what other drivers are going to do so using your blinker is vital. When drivers don’t use their blinkers, they’re essentially saying that your safety doesn’t matter. Always remember to use a blinker!

  2. Someone riding your bumper even though you are sitting in stopped traffic.

    Tailgating is dangerous in itself, but nothing is more frustrating than drivers who ride your bumper in the middle of traffic. Traffic is unpredictable and you will be stop and go throughout it. If someone is riding your bumper, they could run into your tail end and cause another traffic jam with an accident. Give cars their distance.

  3. When the light turns green and the person in front of you is staring at their phone instead of going.

    Unfortunately, people abuse technology in their cars. Nothing is more irritating than a driver sitting on their phone at the green light, not paying attention. This can cause a lot of drivers to develop road rage and honking wars. Phones are not for the car. Wait to call or text.

  4. When a driver drives too fast for road conditions.

    Just because the speed limit is 70 mph doesn’t mean that’s always the right speed. Snow, ice or rain can dramatically reduce your car’s braking and handling abilities, as well as limit visibility. The right speed limit for those conditions is the speed in which you feel safe and in control. Drivers who fly past you at 50 mph when the weather calls for 20 mph are not just risking their own lives; they might skid out and take you with them.

  5. When a car has dangerous loads that aren’t secured properly.

    As a truck driver, you know how to load a haul and how to properly secure your load. Nothing is more dangerous than a driver going 75 mph, twine and bungee cords in tow, holding their boxes, mattresses, etc. Following those people can be extremely dangerous. Try to get around them or change lanes away from them. These drivers can leave a trail of chaos behind them at any moment if their load becomes unhinged. Avoid non-sturdy loads at all costs. Other cars can’t see around you so it could be dangerous for them as well.

  6. When someone refuses to let signaling drivers change lanes during rush hour.

    We all need to be somewhere and we all want to get home as quickly as possible. But, it’s incredibly rude and very dangerous when you don’t let people come in when they’re signaling. On the same page, merge ahead of time; don’t wait until the last minute. Let drivers in and avoid tailgating them once you do.

  7. Drivers that don’t turn their headlights on at night.

    Truck drivers should always have their headlights on. It keeps them safe and it keeps other drivers safe. Not having your headlights on at night can make it hard to see animals, road conditions and other cars, possibly causing an accident. If you’re in a small car, it’s ok to flash your lights as a warning to other drivers to turn on their headlights, but don’t blind them. 

Keeping the road safe is the key to being a successful truck driver in Colorado. Your good karma and lack of road rage will keep others safe while on the road. THC Global provides you with great technology and a great career that will keep you moving. If you have any questions about our company, contact us today!

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