There’s no better time like the present to start thinking about changing careers and joining the trucking industry. But, if you don’t know how or where to start, it might be a little challenging. Luckily, THC Global Inc. is here for you. All our drivers have gone through the same steps to have a successful career as a truck driver. So now is your chance to join our team and to start, take a look at these four steps that will guarantee you life-long success on the road.

  1. Keep a clean driving record
    If you have multiple reckless driving tickets, you may be overlooked in the application process. Companies want to trust you with their freight, which means they need to feel confident that you can get it from county to county without an incident. Having several moving violations or a DUI looks bad when a company is considering hiring you.
  2. Complete high school or get your GED
    This doesn’t necessarily make or break your chances of having a career as a truck driver, but it always can help you in the long run. You should be out of high school because truck drivers are typically over 18, but not finishing doesn’t hinder your application process. However, most trucking want to hire an applicant with an education because it sets you up to succeed in your career.
  3. Get your commercial drivers license
    There are federal guidelines for CDL requirements as well as individual state rules. For specific state-to-state laws, you’ll have to go to the DMV and find out the regulations. Much like a regular driving test, you’ll need to pass a written exam about laws, but unlike regular licenses, you need to conduct a pre-trip vehicle inspection and demonstrate your driving skills. The best way to do this is to find an accredited school and learn with classes. It won’t be free, but it’ll be a much easier process.
  4. Pass the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulation exam
    The FMCSR exam has both written and physical components that you’ll need to pass with the physical including hearing and sight. Once you’ve passed the written, you’ll never have to do it again, but you’ll need to pass the physical once every two years. Because you need to pass the physical on a regular basis, you’ll need to keep in tiptop shape and stay healthy on the road.

There are a lot of schools out there that can get you working toward your future career, however, they may not all be approved by THC Global Inc. Check with your company about a school you plan on attending to make sure you found the right one. The American Trucking Association (ATA) is a great source of information to get you started. Contact us today to get yourself ready to a successful career on the road.