If you’re looking to start a truck driving job in Colorado, it is vital that you know what you’re looking for. Before you hop in any cab, you should know certain details about the company you’re working with. Below are 10 questions every potential truck driver should look at when seeking a good truck driving job.

10 Things to Look for in a Truck Driving Job

1 – What is their home-time policy?

Being a long-haul truck driver means that you’ll be putting a lot of hours on the road. Most companies have a defined home time policy. This defines a general expectation about how many days a driver is expected to stay out on the road. Know when you’ll be able to head back home and take time off and how much time that involves.

2 – Do they have local, regional or dedicated runs?

In addition to over the road truck driving jobs, some companies offer more regional or local jobs. Some may even offer jobs that are dedicated to a single customer. These types of drivers allow for a more consistent route with predictable home time. Because they’re more desirable, job performance may play a part in whether or not you can get these routes.

3 – Do they run on electronic logs?

Electronic logs provide a much needed consistency and reliability truck drivers need in their lives. With e-logs, a carrier can feed real time hours information into operational systems to ensure the most efficient use of available time. These systems help to keep duty status up to date as well as keeping forms and manner compliance easier to manage.

4 – Do they allow slip-seat?

When a driver takes time off, they may have to cede or “slip-seat” their assigned truckload and truck to another driver. If you don’t want to share your truck, look for an employer with no slip-seat policy.

5 – What is the company’s pay rate?

This is probably the first thing you look at when applying for a job. Most trucking companies pay professional drivers per mile, which can grow over time with experience. Pay could also include making additional pickups and deliveries or assisting with the loading or unloading of freight at a customer stop. Ask questions about the entire pay plan, not just the mileage rate.

6 – Do they pay on practical miles or shortest miles?

The majority of trucking companies pay on the shortest mile rather than practical routes. The difference in shortest vs. practical can be up to 5% depending on the region and specific route. The two major software vendors for trucking and shipping companies have a shortest and practical version and you will want to know which version a company uses for driver pay.

7 – What benefits do they offer employees and families?

Most companies offer benefits beyond pay as part of the compensation package. Do they have a 401k and will they match contributions you make? Also, does the company offer health and dental benefits and if so, can you add your family to the plan?

8 – Do they pay breakdown, layover or detention pay?

Many companies pay drivers for idle time that is associated with delays that are related to truck maintenance issues, lack of freight, or delays at customer locations. Ask about these specific areas in the overall pay plan.

9 – What do other drivers recommend?

Truck drivers talk to each other. You see them on the road and at truck stops. When you see them, talk to them about their current or past employers. Ask them if they know anything about the companies you are looking at. You should also check message boards and reviews to see what people are saying online. This will give you an inside look at the company.

10 – What is the company’s stance on safety?

Trucking companies and professional truck drivers have a responsibility to keep the roads safe. Research how the company is doing. Ask them if they safety training classes that you can take. Safety is the most important part about being a driver. If you’re not safe, no one is.

Choosing a career as a truck driver is a tough job so you want to make sure you’re working for the right company. Whether you have experience or not, you should know all your options. At THC, we provide you everything you need for a successful career. To start your career with THC, contact us here or call us at 303-659-6631.